Bạn đang ở tại:--Tuyển dụng Kỹ sư Kinh tế vận tải, Logistic

Tuyển dụng Kỹ sư Kinh tế vận tải, Logistic

VINA TNC is a Vietnamese subsidiary invested in Korea.  

The company will be growing together through trade between Korea and Vietnam.

We are looking for an employee to work with us.

Our company is started  from 30th Aug., 2019.

Homepage: www.vinatnc.com   or   www.tncglobal.kr

The company’s recruitment needs:

-. Language Skill : English and Viet Namese or Korean(if Possible)

-. Business Scope: International Trading business Skill is needed.

                               World Wide Logistics business(Sea, Air Cargo Handling, Inland Trucking)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us any time.


Tel No.       : +84 (0)28 3620 7191

Fax No.      : +84 (0)28 3620 7667

E-mail        : vn@vinatnc.com


View more about company -> here
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